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At Goodgold Law, We Specialize in You

At Goodgold Law, we strongly believe that clients need to be actively involved in their legal matters, from discussions of strategy to implementing them, assessing risks and benefits, and insuring that the clients' interests are the sole issue motivating any representation.

Having represented clients from large Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and individuals, we understand that each client’s interests, hopes and fears are unique and need to be considered carefully. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, Goodgold Law carefully assesses the big picture and then offers clients one or more solutions that will ultimately help them to meet their goal.  Goodgold Law represents both employers and employees, businesses and individuals, and strives to make each client feel like they are the only client of the firm.  

Goodgold Law also specializes in all aspects of general civil litigation, including collections, personal injury, consumer fraud, breach of contract, landlord-tenant and municipal ticket defense matters.

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